• Chaya

Contact High

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words...

While visiting Los Angeles for over a week I had the chance to attend the exhibit "Contact High: A Visual History of Hip-Hop" at the Annenberg Space for Photography. The exhibit featured so many iconic photos of all the hip hop legends and included the stories behind the images. From the famous Notorious BIG Rolling Stones cover with the crown on BIG's head, to the Dipset American photo shoot and then the greatest day in hip hop where everyone came together in Harlem to be photographed for the XXL cover.

Dipset photographed by Eric Johnson

I had the chance to view the original contact sheets with the photographer's notes included. To see the edits and how the iconic photos were chosen along with what didn't make the cut was very cool. When I was younger I remembered seeing a lot of these iconic hip hop photos being circulated and to have the chance to learn all about the photographer and how the shot was taken was inspiring. It was also great to see the work of so many dope photographers from both the past and present. As an avid hip hop lover who appreciates good art, I would definitely recommend visiting this exhibit if you're in LA.

Gucci Mane photographed by Cam Kirk

Lil Wayne photographed by Eric Johnson