• Chaya

'The New Black Vanguard'

If you're in New York City, one must see photo exhibit is 'The New Black Vanguard: Photography between Art and Fashion' curated by Antwaun Sargent at the Aperture Foundation gallery. This exhibit is a celebration of the black photographers, film makers and creatives from all over the world. It features amazing work from varying groundbreaking photographers while providing you insight into their world and how they approach their work.

I was intrigued by the work from photogrpaher and film maker Tyler Mitchell who is well known for producing the Beyonce' Vogue September 2018 cover. His work highlights the beauty of being black in all forms. Not only was his photography work on display but there were several videos of his collaborations with major fashion companies being shown as well such as his work with March Jacobs for the Fall/Winter 2017 collection.

The work by Stephen Tayo, photogrpaher born and raised in Nigeria really illustrates the love he has for his culture. The focal points of his subjects and the African print details in his photos shows how directly connected he is to his community.

The entire exhibit highly praises the creative work from the African diaspora and how great these artists truly are in their own right. Not matter the color of your skin or the background of your culture, you should definitely go and view this exhibit which is on going until January 18, 2020.